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Project Management

Asbestos Project Management is a key factor in reducing costs in long-term Asbestos Management programmes
Clean Building Group provide consultants who are licensed by the HSE to project manage and supervise Asbestos abatement works.

Supervision of Asbestos remediation works can be part of a structured Asbestos risk management programme or as part of a refurbishment or demolition project.

Refurbishment and Demolition Projects

It is essential that the Asbestos risk consultant is part of the design and project team.

Project management and supervision includes:

  1. Asbestos contractor procurement ‘competency and resourcing’.
  2. Specifications, scopes of work and tendering.
  3. Advice and recommendations relating to contractual appointment.
  4. On site supervision including:
    1. Inspection of contractors method statements.
    2. Checking of medicals, training records, plant and equipment records.
    3. Ensuring satisfactory site / enclosure set up.
    4. Seal check of enclosures and smoke tests.
    5. Leak and Personal air monitoring during asbestos works.
    6. Supervision of contractors procedures.
    7. Visual inspections and air clearance certification of reoccupation.
    8. Final inspection of site.
    9. Asbestos Register adjustment following completion of works.

As part of our complete project management package, we can undertake contractor tendering and evaluation services.

This service is used by both commercial and residential clients who would better use their time in their own line of work and rely on us to tender all removal/remedial works, to either a list of their own selected licensed Asbestos Removal Contractors or if deemed necessary use contractors from our approved list.

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    We hold an environment agency license to transport hazardous waste

    We hold an environment agency license to transport hazardous waste

    We undertake all of our services in accordance with all HSE laws, guidelines and regulations

    All of our Asbestos Surveyors hold the P402 Asbestos Surveying Qualification

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