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Clean Building Group team of experts can give advice on Asbestos Consultancy and all aspects of Asbestos Management

At our Head Office we have a team of Management Consultants who, not only visit sites to conduct surveys and audits, but are based in the office to give crucial information to potential customers, blue chip clients and the general public alike.

We ensure that all of our consultants are fully trained and qualified to issue any advice with regards to any Asbestos related queries.

Often is the case that when the word ‘Asbestos’ is used, people who are unsure or have been misinformed of the dangers are led into a sense of panic and fear. This, nine times out of ten is not completely unnecessary.

Asbestos does not necessarily need to be removed and in the majority of cases can be left in situ and monitored to assess its condition or any future possible changes to each product’s condition.

If you are unsure of which route to take with regards to any Asbestos or suspect Asbestos materials or problem, please contact us free, for impartial, realistic and independent advice.

Need Advice?

    We hold an environment agency license to transport hazardous waste

    We hold an environment agency license to transport hazardous waste

    We undertake all of our services in accordance with all HSE laws, guidelines and regulations

    All of our Asbestos Surveyors hold the P402 Asbestos Surveying Qualification

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