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Asbestos Risk Assessments - Registers - Management

Asbestos Risk Assessments are a crucial stage of compiling your Asbestos Register & will form an integral part of your Asbestos Management Plan.

During an Asbestos Management Survey, risk assessments are undertaken on each and every material, whether sampled or visually assessed. Unless the site surveyor attending is convinced that there is adequate evidence to support a reasoned argument that any suspect material is non-asbestos containing eg. Plaster, plasterboard, wood etc a presumption or strong presumption shall be made that it is an ACM.

The risk assessment takes numerous factors into consideration:

  • Product type· Location
  • Extent (or quantity)
  • Asbestos Type· Accessibility
  • Amount of damage or deterioration
  • Surface Treatment

Each factor will have its own list of options, for example; Accessibility options – high, medium, low or very low and will have a corresponding number next to each option.

All of the numbers will be calculated to give a total figure, on which it will fall into a new set of management options, ie monitor annually, label, encapsulate, remove etc.
Following the asbestos risk assessment, the Asbestos Register will be produced based upon the results. This will detail the current condition of the material and the action which to take (if any).

This Register forms an integral part of the management plan and needs to be adhered to and updated on a regular basis, to help you comply with your ‘duty of care’.

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    We hold an environment agency license to transport hazardous waste

    We hold an environment agency license to transport hazardous waste

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